Time is money.
Wasted time means wasted money, and wasted money means trouble.


Payroll can be a stressful and time consuming aspect of running any business regardless of employee numbers.

Our dedicated department are able to take this element from your workload freeing up your time for doing what you do best.

As part of this service we accurately calculate all relevant deductions, supplying you with payroll reports which detail this information.  We will also send electronic payslips directly to the employees each pay period.

The additional aspect of Workplace Pensions is something we have extensive knowledge of and are able to administer on your behalf. This includes enrolment of employees, calculating contributions, and also uploading of the contributions to the pension provider.

An optional service linked to us running the payroll for you is making the salary payments to the employees. We are able to initiate a 3 days BACS payroll schedule to credit the employees’ bank accounts directly from your account.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

As part of our bookkeeping service for our construction clients we are able to deal with all elements around the Construction Industry Scheme, from verifying subcontractors to submitting the returns to HMRC.

The CIS service is usually seen as being bookkeeping specific but we do also offer a standalone CIS service. In reality this is the same process to verify the subcontractors and file the returns with HMRC but in separate software and unrelated to the bookkeeping.